About Dear Woman Hope


Welcome, Fierce Fighter!

I’m on a mission to give hope, inspiration, and encouragement to women dealing with endometriosis and other chronic illness.

I know what is like to deal with intense endometriosis pelvic pain for over ten years. I sought for a place of comfort and hope but didn’t find any at the time. So, I created this site.

This is a place of comfort, hope, inspiration, encouragement, and support. Think of it as a great rest stop or nice comfy hotel, where you can prop your feet up and lean back in a comfortable chair. Relax to gain strength and be refreshed for your journey.

This will be a place of:

Comfort for your soul

Hope for your heart

Encouragement for your emotions

Where you can forget you were in pain for just a moment. My hope is for the pain, discomfort and all symptoms to end forever, but we’ll take it one step at a time.

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Disclaimer: The information shared on this site is intended to encourage and bring hope not to diagnosed or replace professional medical assistance in your journey with a chronic illness. This is a faith-based organization.