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Put Your Lame Feet On The Table

Dear Woman,

      There was this guy named Mephibosheth (son of Jonathan). He was crippled and “lame in his feet” (See 2 Samuel 9). He was weak with limited mobility. He was restricted. King David wanted to show kindness to the descendants of Saul. He found Mephibosheth and sent for him.

      I imagine, Mephibosheth felt rejected and all alone. He probably thought no one cared about a little ole lame guy like him. And right then, there was a knock, and a note slid under the door. He opened it. The note read, “King David requests your presence at his table.” Wow, an invitation to the King’s table. Can you hear Mephibosheth singing this song (performed by Tamela Mann) on his way to see the King?

“Take me to the King
I don’t have much to bring
My heart is torn in pieces
It’s my offering.
Lay me at the throne
Leave me there alone
To gaze upon Your glory
Take me to the King.”

       Mephibosheth didn’t have much to bring to King David. He fell on his face and prostrated himself before the King. He gained favor with King David, and the king invited Mephibosheth to eat bread at his table continually.

       You are invited to sit at King Jesus’s table. You have favor with him, and His favor is upon you like dew on the grass. There is a special place setting with your name on it. Don’t worry about trying to muster up the strength to go. He will carry you like a shepherd whose sheep have been tired, weary, injured or whose legs were broken, and He will escort you to His banqueting table. Eat from His table continually and enjoy the wine (intimacy of the Holy Spirit) and bread of life (His word).

         God, who is the King of Heaven will show kindness to you and lavish you with his extravagant love, mercy, gifts and provisions. No crippling disease can stand up to the favor and kindness of God on your life.

           Here’s a tip to help you stand…
Listen to the song” Take me to the King” by Tamela Mann and allow God to carry you in this season. Click here to listen…https://youtu.be/wU3qgPn3bGA




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