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Beware of the Endo Grinch {video}

Happy Holidays! There’s a grinch in our midst called Endometriosis (aka endo). I created this holiday greeting video to raise more awareness about endo. Watch my Endo is a Grinch holiday greeting video.

If you liked this video, share it with others to help me raise awareness about endometriosis: {Tweet this} Happy Holidays! Check out this cool video greeting card from a stage 4 endogal…http://bit.ly/1M1Fh3d #endogrinch

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2 comments on “Beware of the Endo Grinch {video}”

  1. Robert and Porntip Tolbert Reply

    Loved the video. Inspirational and professionally informative. Keep up the fight. It is the only reason Father God Jesus has allowed this Grinch to attack you. The fight could not be fought BETTER through another Faithful (…fight the good fight of faith)–Warring Servant. Father God Jesus bless us all!!

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